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Elite Snowsports is a family owned and run company founded in 2021. The owners each have a lifelong passion for skiing and board sports.

We established Elite Snowsports to bring LUSTI skis to the UK market. LUSTI make superb quality skis, by hand, in the Czech Republic. As we deal directly with the factory we are able to offer these skis at extremely competitive prices. We strongly believe that the quality and performance of these skis is unmatched by anything close to their prices.

We also want to offer our customers a great service. We are passionate about the sport and are more than happy to spend time understanding your needs to find the best products for you. We carefully inspect all our skis before they leave us and we are happy to tune them (working on the metal ski edges) to best meet your skiing style and ability. We want owners of LUSTI skis to get the maximum enjoyment from their purchase.

All our skis can be purchased with our without bindings. We offer bindings by Vist, an Italian manufacturer of very high quality bindings most often seen on high-end race skis. Vist offers a wide range of excellent bindings suitable for all skis.

We hope you enjoy researching the products on our website and please do not hesitate to contact us using the message option, by phone, by email or by dropping in if you are in the area. We are always happy to talk about skis!

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LUSTI is a family owned premium, hand made ski manufacturer. The company was founded in 1993 in Zacler, a small town in the Krkonose mountains next to the Czech Republic’s tallest mountain, Mount Snezka.

In 2000, LUSTI started producing limited quantities of high-performance, hand made racing skis. This was followed by gradual expansion of the LUSTi product range to include other categories of skis and also snowboards. The mission has always been to produce the highest quality of skis and equipment in each category at a realistic price point. 

LUSTI aims to be one of the first choice skis and boards of demanding skiers. The LUSTI designers also want the skiers to have as much fun skiing on LUSTi, as they have producing the equipment. LUSTi customers don’t just buy skis to ride down the hill, they buy LUSTI skis to have fun skiing. LUSTI customers are not buying LUSTi skis as a status symbol, they buy knowing that LUSTi skis are made using the latest technology and experience used in custom, top-of-the-line race skis. They also know and love the fun and excitement skiing on LUSTi skis brings every time...

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