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Kite & Bar Sizing

Kite Size
Bar Length
Line Length

What size kite should I get? What is the right bar length for my kites? Does line length matter? Read on to get the knowledge....

Kite Size

Which size of kite to choose depends mainly on wind strength but also on rider weight and the type of riding you plan to do. For an intermediate and above rider of about 75kg for all-round use we recommend:

Kite Size               Wind Strength (Knots)

5m                       22-40+

6m                       20-38

7m                        18-36

8m                        16-33

9m                        15-30

10m                       13-28

12m                       11-25

14m                       8-20

17m                        7-17

If you weigh more or less than 75kg, we recommend that for each 5kg weight difference you add (for heavier) or subtract (for lighter) 2kts to each end of the wind ranges shown.

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