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Appletree Applepeeler

Appletree Applepeeler

For the Big Stuff

The adrenaline rush, the sound of crashing waves and the beating that makes you feel more alive than ever. Kiting big waves is all about being present in the moment and pushing your limits. The Apple Peeler kiteboard is for those who want the highest level of control when kiting in big waves. The Apple Peeler design is influenced by the tow-in surfboards we’ve made for some big wave riders. It’s a complete redesign with roots in the highly successful Appleflap and Appleflap Noseless boards that Appletree has made for years. Big wave tow-in surfing has quite a lot of similarities with kite surfing as there is no paddling involved like in normal surfing. With kitesurfing, we can just focus on how the board behaves on the wave and at speed. The Applepeeler lets you get in tune with the wave instead of worrying about the board.

Board features

Full nose shape, with narrow swallow tail

The Apple Peeler has a longer rail line to allow the best connection with the water as at high speed this is essential. The tail is a straight swallow that further elongates the rail and keeps it straight for longer. This helps with keeping control. 

Thin refined rail

The narrow outline is the next important key feature as the thinned out and hard edged rail helps with control at high speeds. 

Single to double concave bottom

This is the go-to bottom for control giving optimal feedback at high speeds. Combined with the 3 fin thruster set up, this bottom gives more control the faster the water travels through the fin cluster. 

Reinforced construction and inserts

The Apple Peeler has full inserts as standard, plus a beefed-up construction. As the board is designed for riding the big stuff, going stronger is best. When riding big waves at high speeds straps have a definite use as the slightest bump can send you off the board and straps eliminate this.

However we advise you to take the back foot out of the strap when kiting upwind as you will then need to put more pressure on the front of the board.

The Apple Peeler can also be ridden strapless which we encourage when the waves are smaller, although the straps also allow for twin-tip style jumps when waiting for the next set to arrive!


Appletree boards are available in a range of constructions, colours, fin systems, etc. Prices shown are for the Kite+ Hex Glass boards. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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