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C6 Carbon

C6 Carbon

The C6 is a masterpiece of design and engineering. Made in Sweden it is about the lightest and quickest reacting kiteboard on the market. Despite the ultra light all carbon constrcution it cuts through chop and give a silky ride. Weighing just 1.55 to 1.75kg (depending on size) it is about a full kilogram lighter than a standard board!


The C6 board is designed for anyone looking for a board with ”no excuses” performance and a good time on the water, no matter the conditions. The board is designed for high speed, lightning-fast acceleration, and maximum grip on the water. At the same time, C6 made sure that the board was comfortable to ride and that the performance is easily accessible. As a side effect of all this, the C6 has incredible low-end performance for its size, so you can keep on riding even if the wind drops.


Winner of The Kite Mag's ultimate test "Premium Crossover"


"We loved the C6's low weight and impressive reflex. The C6 is quick off the mark with phenominal acceleration and an incredibly lively feel. All of that energy transfers well into an impressive pop and well stabilized landings thanks to some deep concaves and a center spine parting the water."


Technical specifications

  • Made in Sweden – We produce the boards in our own production facility in Sweden near our main suppliers to ensure maximum quality. Even the core, TeXtreme® fabric, and the epoxy are produced in Sweden.

  • TeXtreme® - Carbon fiber fabric for maximum performance.

  • Biax - Carbon fiber fabric for high torsion stiffness

  • Closed-cell polymeric core – Waterproof core that supports and maximizes the performance of the carbon fiber.

  • CNC shaped – To ensure high quality and repeatable production, we use CNC-milling for the 3D-core, thread inserts, outline, and the holes for the fins.

  • Double concave – Breaks the water’s surface tension for smoother landings and breaks the water flow for less drag to generate higher speed and control.

  • Tip channels – Higher rocker in the board’s center for smoother ride and landings, flatter edge for faster acceleration, and speed.

  • Progressive flex – Stiffer for higher speeds and more pop, but soft for your knees. Anti-spray tip – To reduce water spray in your face.

  • Full cast polyurethane sidewall – Seamless construction and our Anti-glide technology give the board a better grip on floor tiles when you store it.


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