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Harlem Lead Bar

Harlem Lead Bar

We think the Harlem Lead bar is one of the toughest, safest and most universal bars on the market featuring:


  • super strong stainless steel centrepiece,
  • butter-smooth auto-swivel for self untwisting centre lines after rotations
  • Most durable lines available: the bio Dyneema lines from Braidtech with a breaking load of 450kg
  • Choose between 19m/21m/22m/24m lines (19M + 2M + 3M extensions)
  • Click-in quick release for fast releasing and one handed reassembling
  • The flag out line runs outside of the centre line sheaths so you can keep an eye on wear and it can be easily replaced.


The Lead bar includes the Harlem line splitter that enables you to change between a high and low split in seconds.


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